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One of the world’s most foremost tyre companies, Yokohama, is now at Leamington Spa, thanks to our new facility. We are Spa Tyres, one of the largest car service agencies in the UK. Our line-up includes all the latest tyres from Yokohama. Besides, we also store a lot of other brands which will fit almost all types of passenger and commercial vehicles.

In case you live in or around Leamington Spa, you must know that Yokohama is one of the most sought-after car tyre brands here. If you are looking for Yokohama tyres Leamington Spa, you are in the right place.

A quick dekko of brand Yokohama

Yokohama operates out of Tokyo and comes with the Japanese quality assurance. They were founded in 1917 when Yokohama Cable Manufacturing and B.F. Goodrich tied up. In 1969, riding high on the success of Aspec A300, Yokohama came to the United States as Yokohama Tyre Corporation.

They are currently among the world’s largest tyre manufacturers and supply their range to most of the best car brands.

A few clear benefits of buying Yokohama tyres online are:

  • Racing pedigree: Yokohama is the only official tyre supplier to the IMSA GT3 Challenge, where Porsche 911 GT3s race. They have a distinct racing pedigree, also evidenced by the fact that they supplied tyres for the American Le Mans endurance racing series.

The Japanese Super Formula uses only Yokohama car tyres; which is a crowning racing achievement, one which places it at par with the very best.

  • Value for money: Yokohama tyres espouse their traditional Japanese manufacturing values. They are seldom overpriced and are immensely competitive. Besides, their tyres also adhere to the strictest quality control norms.
  • The latest in tyre technology: Yokohama boasts of worldwide revenues of over $5 billion. Yokohama is well-known for its dedicated research and development investments. Whenever there are advancements in tyre technology, know that Yokohama will lead from the front.

Buying Yokohama tyres at Spa Tyres

At Spa Tyres, you will get the latest Yokohama tyre models. You can come down if you like and check them out the old-fashioned way. Else, you will get all the necessary details on our website. Your wait for quality tyres ends now!