Car Tyres

If you own a car, you must be familiar with the pain of tyre wear. It is now a mandate to drive with at least 1.6mm tyre depth in the UK roads. Your vehicle will not even pass the MOT test if it does not have sufficient tyre depth. If you get caught using tyres with too shallow grooves, you will have to pay a hefty fine.

However, tyre prices are soaring in the UK market, and despite all these regulations, many are afraid to visit a retailer to buy a new set of tyres.

Well, not our customers! Spa Tyres Leamington Spa offers the best car tyres price on a variety of different brands and makes. At our showroom, you will find a vast stock of products, perfect for your every need, at a very affordable price.

Our stock on offer – 

You will find almost all brands and sizes of tyres available at Spa Tyres. We stock cheap car tyres for every other vehicle.

Our entire stock can be divided depending on performance, and different weather conditions. Let’s take a look at tyres designed for special purposes.

Performance Tyres – 

If you are a sports car owner, you must’ve heard about performance tyres. Perfect to reach that top speed, they are sleek and wide, offering low rolling-resistance yet enough grip to tackle sharp corners. And above all, they look killer on your car.

4x4 Tyres – 

Perfect for that adventure lover inside you, 4x4 tyres go on SUVs and off-road vehicles. They have wide grooves and deep treads, biting the ground even in mud or sand. 4x4 tyres are made to tackle rough terrain. Visit our Spa Tyres Leamington Spa showroom to choose from a wide variety of 4x4 tyres.

Run-flat Tyres – 

Run-flat tyres are different in design. VIP and military vehicles generally use this type of tyre to ensure that they work even after getting punctured.

Now let’s look at some different variations of tyres available at our Spa Tyres showroom suitable for different weather condition.

All-season Tyres – 

All-season tyres are suitable for every weather condition. Just like summer tyres, they perform well on warm roads but are also ideal for light snowy conditions. However, they are not the best tyres to use in heavy snow or scorching heat.

Summer Tyres – 

They are perfect for that hot and dry climate. Compared to standard tyres, Summer tyres have wider ribs and shallow grooves to provide just the right amount of grip while maintaining low friction. Experts recommend using them whenever the temperature rises above 7°C.

Winter Tyres – 

Winter tyres have softer rubber compounds; also, the grooves and ribs are prominent and deep. This type of tyres holds grip even in snowy roads, providing enough grip to manoeuvre and brake on slippery snow-covered roads.

Along with selling all different tyres, we provide multiple services related to them. Just like our car tyres price, Spa Tyres offers these services at affordable prices.

Our services include –

1. Air pressure check

2. Valve change

3. Puncture repair

We treat these as priority services, offering quick and easy repair work for your car.

Spa Tyres is also one of the largest tyre retailers in Leamington Spa. At our shop, you will find cheap car tyres of brands like –

Dunlop tyres.

Pirelli tyres.

Bridgestone tyres.

Goodyear tyres.

Continental tyres.

All our products have proper EU Tyre Label provided with them; we store only the top rated products for you.

Visit Spa Tyres to get the best car tyres price in Leamington Spa

Visit our showroom to get the best prices on all brands and types of car tyres; and if you haven’t decided yet, our in-house technicians will help you to make your mind. Visit us today! We are always here to help you.