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Nexen N'Blue Eco

Nexen N'Blue Eco is a summer tyre developed for daily use and can be fitted to standard passenger cars.

  • Wide groove pattern for improved braking distance and excellent wet grip.
  • Centre ribs help the tyre maintain stability during high-speed driving and cornering.
  • The rubber compound offers great flexibility in varying temperature conditions.
Prices from: £20.20to£45.45 View More



Nexen n Fera SU1

Nexen n Fera SU1 is an ultra-high-performance summer tyre that can be fitted to standard passenger cars.

  • Excellent water drainage performance through 4 wide longitudinal grooves.
  • 3 centre blocks enable straight stability at high speed.
  • Lateral groove design improves wet performance and reduces the risk of aquaplaning.
Prices from: £30.30to£82.82 View More



Nexen Rodian CT8

Nexen Rodian CT8 is an economic summer tyre that can be fitted to commercial vehicles.

  • Rib-type shoulder blocks that enable it to carry the heavy load of the light trucks and SUVs.
  • Possesses a biting edge to improve surface traction.
  • Straight groove pattern for excellent water dispersion and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.
Prices from: £30.30to£52.52 View More



Nexen Npriz AH8

Nexen Npriz AH8 is a premium high-performance summer tyre fitted to passenger tyres.

  • The grid style sipe design provides stable and comfortable riding performance.
  • An even block design in the shoulder along with thin groove pattern offers optimal handling performance.
  • Semi-rib style block design delivers enhanced straight driving performance.
Prices from: £36.36to£52.52 View More

Welcome to Spa Tyres Leamington Spa! Thank you for visiting our site.

Hello there! Do you stay in and around Leamington Spa? Have you ever been upset by the lack of good garages in your neighbourhood? One that not only attends to your vehicle’s daily needs but also sells you great original equipment at throwaway prices?

Well, you have one now. We are Spa Tyres Leamington Spa, one of the most well-established names in the car servicing industry in the UK. Now at Leamington Spa, our facilities help you solve all your vehicular issues besides all varieties of tyres. Our tyre collection is especially spectacular, with brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Dunlop, Nexen, Continental, and a number of other brands.

We take great pride in our tyre inventory: whether you are looking for summer, winter, or all-season tyres, we have them all. And from all the great brands we mentioned above. Besides, we have family car tyre offers, performance tyres, 4x4 or SUV tyres, and commercial vehicle tyres.

We also sell van tyres, which are somewhat different from standard car tyres. Our tyres have the EU label too, should you care to embark on a long journey. Whenever you think of new car tyres leamington spa, think of Spa Tyres! Besides sales, we also provide tyre-specific services to our customers.

We have specialised teams manning our facilities, each boasting years of experience in the automobile industry. Our car tyre service garage leamington spa has the latest and most precise technologies at hand.

Our technicians perform such delicate operations like wheel balancing, and alignment operations with on-time delivery assured. These processes are best performed under expert supervision, which is what we provide, at affordable prices and in a reasonable time.

Even the simplest of operations, like puncture repairs, is fixed here with care. Our team comprises of people who are friendly and helpful. Not just local residents, we aim to serve people from the neighbouring areas effectively too.

Noticed anything off with your car lately? Why don’t you drop in at our facility? We are open on all business days, with slightly reduced working hours on Sundays. Check out our other pages for more details. We’re here to help, and we’re here for good.