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Dunlop is universally considered as one of the world’s most innovative and resourceful tyre manufacturers, founded in 1889 by John Boyd Dunlop in Birmingham, England. Never in his wildest dreams could John Dunlop have possibly imagined that one day, a company named after him would be a global household name.

The man Dunlop was a prolific inventor. He also pioneered the usage of the pneumatic tyre. The company Dunlop has managed to carry on that streak of innovation successfully. When you buy Dunlop car tyres, you know that you are buying a high-quality product.

Spa Tyres is one of the UK’s best-known suppliers of Dunlop tyres. We have a wide-ranging inventory of this company’s tyres which will fit most vehicles.

Why buy Dunlop?

The company’s name is synonymous with quality and innovation. Dunlop has continuously pushed the envelope when it comes to safety and industrial standards. There are a few simple reasons which will convince you to buy Dunlop.

The company manufactures tyres for nearly every type of vehicle imaginable. It also makes superb sports tyres. The British Touring Car Championship (since 2003) and the V8 championship (since 2002) use Dunlop's products.

The company is indeed one of the first true inter-continental giants. Dunlop offers a superb warranty on its products.

Their tyres are also known for durability. For example, Dunlop tyres are used in the renowned European Le Mans GTE class, considered one of the most challenging endurance races globally. Acing the European Le Mans is no easy feat.

If you are looking for a specific example, we have one: the R&G Racing GSX-R Trophy motorcycle race only uses Dunlop GP Racer D209 tyre as a control tyre. This sort of confidence comes only when a company has reached great heights.

If you are looking to buy Dunlop tyres online, we, at Spa Tyres, can also help you out.

Dunlop and Spa Tyres

Dunlop is one of our most favourite brands. We, at Spa Tyres, have been consistently regarded as being the leader, both for retail and bulk customers, when it comes to selling Dunlop tyres at Leamington Spa. Visit our website for more details.