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Spa Tyres is proud to bring the latest models of Bridgestone tyres in and around Leamington Spa. Currently, Bridgestone Group, located in Japan, is the world’s largest supplier of tyres. Even giants like Michelin and Continental trail behind it. For long, the residents of this area have been deprived of world-class tyres. No longer!

The group has over 140 production facilities all over the world. Known as the Bridgestone Corporation, they are a giant which deals in tyres, truck parts, and other vehicular products. Their numero uno product, however, remains their tyres.

The many benefits of Bridgestone Tyres

Buying Bridgestone never disappoints. Their long history was uninterrupted even during the Second World War when its factories were subject to air raids. There are plenty of reasons why you should buy Bridgestone car tyres. We will list some of them here.

  • Bridgestone brings with itself the many years of experience in competitive racing, including many memorable wins at the Formula One. It was none other than Michael Schumacher who insisted on Bridgestone tyres for his F1 car.
  • The company is now a diversified business group. When you buy Bridgestone tyres online, you also get the fabled Japanese engineering prowess working behind the scenes.
  • Did you know that your favourite airliners use Bridgestone tyres? That’s right; global giants like the Boeing and Airbus, rivals in every sense, use the same brand of tyres. Their products have proven so popular that a sister concern, Bridgestone Aircraft Tyre, has opened new facilities in Hong Kong and Belgium.
  • Bridgestone has always stayed at the bleeding edge of technology. The Bridgestone Picnica, a foldable bicycle, is a classic example.
  • This Japanese giant is a fixture in MotoGP, the Grand Prix of motorcycle racing. Some of the sport’s greatest stars, including Valentino Rossi, have endorsed their products.

Buy Bridgestone Tyres at Leamington Spa Tyres today!

At Leamington Spa, we store and sell various varieties of Bridgestone tyres. Our inventory is second to none. The next time you decide to buy Bridgestone tyres online, think of us. Our experts can help you choose the best set of tyres for your car.