Van Tyres

Worried about the worn out tyres of your van? Are you getting a sticker shock every time you are going to a store to buy new tyres? Well, worry no more. Spa Tyres brings you a wide range of high-quality options to choose from. We are one of the largest licensed sellers of van tyres in Leamington Spa and offer attractive prices on all our products.

Van tyres are vastly different from any ordinary tyre. They carry a heavier load and go for much longer distances non-stop. These long hauls put enormous strain on the tyres, and they should be able to withstand all that.

Our in-house technicians and experts will suggest you the best tyres depending on your need. We have a vast stock available, and depending on your driving style, budget, and vehicle model, you can choose from a number of famous manufacturers.

How to select the best set of van tyres – 

Van tyres are a lot stronger and heavier than an ordinary car tyre. They have thicker sidewalls that accommodate the weight of the freight they are carrying. Let’s look at some tips to identify a good set of van tyres.

1. Markings on the tyres – 

Whenever you select van tyres in Leamington Spa, make sure to look for ‘XL’, and ‘RF’ engraved on its sidewalls. ‘XL’ is a proof that the tyre is capable of carrying the extra load, and ‘RF’ indicates that they are reinforced.

2. Tyre label – 

The EU Tyre Label is a mandate on all tyre sales throughout the UK. Whenever you plan to buy a new set of van tyres, make sure you consider all the parameters mentioned in the label. Choose from the most fuel efficient tyre with the highest wet grip rating. Doing so will help you maintain a low running cost and ensure your personal safety.

Visit us for your next purchase –

Now that you know what you are looking for, come to our store for your next purchase. We have a vast stock available and offer you the convenience to purchase van tyres online. Visit our website, or call us and book your appointment today.