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Have you ever been awed by the superior driving skills of Formula 1 racing stars like Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Kimi Räikkönen, and others? It is indisputable that they are fantastic drivers with the latest in automotive technology at their disposal. A closer look, however, will reveal that they all use tyres manufactured by Pirelli.

At Spa Tyres, we have a fantastic collection of Pirelli car tyres. The company, originally established by Giovanni Battista Pirelli in the Italian city of Milan in 1872, has revolutionised the way we look at car tyres.

Their products are so impressive that they have been the sole tyre supplier for the FIA Formula One World Championship starting from 2011; their contract will end in 2019.

Pirelli is also one of the world’s foremost suppliers of motorcycle tyres and is a household name in motorcycle circles. Their expertise has also made them the sole tyre supplier for the FIM World Superbike Championship.

In case you want to own some of these magnificent tyres at Leamington Spa, you no longer have to travel to any other supplier in a different city. Spa Tyres is here to deliver Pirelli tyres at your doorstep; you can also order Pirelli tyres online from us.

Why choose Pirelli?

Apart from the many plaudits that it has received, there are some reasons why ordinary drivers and car owners should buy Pirelli. 

Pirelli’s cutting-edge technology is used to make their tyres safer on almost any surface.

The company has always poured a lot of money in R&D to ensure that the end user - that is you - gets value for his or her money. Pirelli tyres generally have a longer life than most comparable tyres.

Pirelli has always focused on making safer tyres. This motto has been passed on over the 140-odd years, ever since Giovanni Pirelli founded the company. With congested roads and poor driving habits, safer tyres are irreplaceable, and Pirelli is synonymous with safety.

Lastly, the company offers many value-added services like Exclusive Membership Offers: you can get the famous Pirelli calendar and also passes to the many art exhibitions organised by the company.

Why choose Spa Tyres?

Spa Tyres has a wide variety of Pirelli car tyres in its inventory for every car available in the UK. If you are looking for these premium tyres, Spa Tyres at Leamington Spa is where you should be at.