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Tyre Manufacturers - Nexen Tyres

Nexen tyres are South Korean giant manufacturing quality car tyres, offering them at an affordable price. Established in 1942, 76 years of market experience shows in their line-up.

At Spa Tyres, we stock a wide variety of Nexen car tyres at our Leamington Spa showroom. Nexen is famous for their patented materials; they use an all-new rubber-silicate blend to make their tyres. Back in 2006, they developed an ultra-high performance SUV tyre for the emerging market. We are one of the few retailers in the UK licensed to stock, and sell a range of their products. 

Who are Nexen tyres?

Nexen is a combination of two different words, ‘next’ and ‘century’. Like their name, Nexen tyres is a company which concentrates on making products suitable for vehicles of the future. They are one of the leading companies when it comes to designing and inventing new tyres and introducing new materials to the market.

With annual sales exceeding $600 million and products exporting to over 120 countries, they have multiple manufacturing units, with a latest one in China’s Qingdao province. They have more than 4000 employees, and their revenue was more than $2billion last year. 

Why choose Nexen tyres?

A question our customers frequently ask us. Right, with so many companies like Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop etc., why would someone choose something else?

Well, Nexen has one of the largest customer bases in the European continent. Their service bases are all over the region and they also allow you to buy Nexen tyres online from our website. At their new manufacturing unit, they are concentrating on their R&D section; they intend to make the best tyres with the lowest rolling-resistant with the highest performance.

Nexen and Spa Tyres

At our Leamington Spa showroom, you will find one of the largest stocks of Nexen car tyres in this neighbourhood. We have both passenger car and truck tyres, along with high-performance tyres, all at affordable rates. Visit Spa Tyres today!