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Michelin is a name that has rocked the global tyre industry over the last 120-odd years and has become something more than a tyre brand. It has become a phenomenon. Michelin stars and Michelin travel guides have successfully managed to entrench this French giant’s name in our collective global conscience.

If you are looking to buy the latest Michelin car tyres in and around Leamington Spa, you are in the right place. We are Spa Tyres, one of the UK’s most well-recognised car service providers and original car equipment sellers. We are also one of our country’s leading suppliers of tyres, including Michelin’s products.

The French Connection: buying Michelin tyres

This iconic French car tyre manufacturer has managed to stay at the cutting edge of technology. Most modern car tyres owe something to this brand: after all, the company was the first to invent radial tyres. There are several reasons you should go for Michelin tyres.

  • Michelin is currently the world’s second-largest tyre manufacturer, larger than both its giant rivals, Goodyear and Continental.
  • Michelin was the first tyre company to test and advertise a working run-flat tyre. In the 1930s, such a tyre was advertised as a ‘bullet-proof tyre.’
  • In the recent past, the company has patented a new type of airless tyre, called aTweel. It is a testament that Michelin’s R&D team is still going strong.
  • The company has been a dominant force atthe highest level of professional racing: Formula One. The company has worked in association with F1 giants like Williams, Renault, and Toyota.
  • This French giant has seen active involvement in endurance racing competitions, winning such iconic races such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and American Le Mans championships.
  • Michelin has been involved in manufacturing an ‘Active Wheel’ which, experts suggest, is a technology of the future. If you are looking to buy Michelin tyres online, you will find the best options with us, Spa tyres.

Michelin at Spa Tyres

Spa Tyres has one of the largest inventories of Michelin tyres in the UK. In case you want to buy Michelin car tyres online, you will find the best prices here. Do drop in someday for some first-hand testing. Our experts will be glad to be of assistance.