Tyre Tread Depth

In the UK, the minimum tyre tread depth (as defined by the Ministry Of Transportation) should be 1.6mm. It is mandatory to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, along with other pedestrians and drivers on the road. 

Tyre treads grip the road surface with their grooves and ribs. These patterns create friction to move or stop your car when needed. 

The difference in tread patterns – 

There’s a vast difference in different types and seasonal tyres design. At our Leamington Spa showroom, you will notice that Spa Tyres’s stock consists of a variety of options, each with its unique design.

Some of the types you will find are – 

Summer Tyres – 

Summer tyres ideally have a tread depth of 4mm, and sport shallow ribs running through their entire length. They also have grooves running from their midsection to the shoulder to evacuate trapped water.

Winter Tyres – 

They are made from softer rubber to stay soft even in harsh cold and sport deeper grooves that can bite through snow. They are recommended to use whenever the temperature drops below 7°C.

All-season Tyres – 

All-season tyres are the balance between the two. They have grooves with mild depth and ribs running through their middle portion. They are the best option for people who don’t want the hassle of changing tyres every season.

In the UK, there are specific laws that your car’s tyres have to meet to be able to drive on its roads. One of them is the mandate to maintain a minimum depth of 1.6mm. An easy way to measure this is to insert a 20p coin inside tyre treads. If only the rim of it is visible, you have sufficient depth. If you are not sure, visit Spa Tyres of Leamington Spa to let us check tyre tread depths.

Also, ensure that you are not using winter tyres in summer or summer tyres in winter. It is not illegal; however, this can compromise your safety.

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