Summer Tyres

Experts recommend using summer tyres whenever the temperature rises above 7°C. These types of car tyres are made out of harder rubber, resulting in less wear while driving around. Summer in the UK is known for its warm temperatures and occasional rainfall, perfect for going on a road-trip. The best partner for such a trip will be a set of summer tyres for your car.

We have stocked a wide range of products from different manufacturers for you to choose from. You will find only the best quality tyres at Spa Tyres; we also ensure that each tyre comes with its proper EU Label and is displayed along with the unit itself.

Why buy summer tyres?

Summer tyres have a completely different build to be used in a much warmer climate. These tyres offer superior grip and handling characteristics even when it’s raining. They are the perfect picks for your daily drive around the city.

Summer tyres offer – 

Superior and accurate steering feedback. These tyres are very responsive, especially when you are driving through a twisting road.

They have good grip and are nimble even when it’s raining.

Summer tyres are designed with grooves and channels that forces water out from under the tyre. 

They are perfect for cars that commute around the city and goes on occasional long drives.

Summer tyres have harder rubber compound in them; they are extremely sturdy and wear out a lot less than other tyres.

The grooves extend till the sidewalls, providing a good grip even when you tackle a sharp corner.

Their wide ribs and shallow grooves provide adequate traction while minimising friction with the road, lowering its rolling-resistance. 

This type of car tyres works wonderfully on most road conditions, making them perfect for you and your vehicle. 

At Spa Tyres, you will find a wide variety of tyres at affordable prices. Our summer tyres price in Leamington Spa is unmatched, and we intend to keep it that way. Some of the brands that we stock are – 

Dunlop tyres.

Continental tyres.

Nexen tyres.

Pirelli tyres.

Michelin tyres.

Bridgestone tyres.

Goodyear tyres.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Spa Tyres at Leamington Spa, and take a look at the products we have. If you have not decided what to get yet, don’t worry, we will suggest you choose the best option depending on your daily commute, driving style, and your vehicle type. We also sell car tyres online and offer free home delivery. Call us today, or visit our website to know more.